Cardinal Homes LLC

Est. 2017

Rick Bilek

Price Range | $350,000 - $1,000,000

Married for 7 years, Rick and Jaycie Bilek have two young boys, Will and Owen, and a daughter, Sonny. They have a shared love of home design and construction. The couple began flipping and renovating homes together, experiencing a level of success with their projects they’d never dreamed of. What started as a passion project slowly evolved into Cardinal Homes as it is today. Rick and Jaycie bring more than 20 years of combined construction industry experience to their company, and they’ve been proud to watch it grow.

Today, Cardinal Homes remains committed to superior quality and innovative customization, offering customers the opportunity to select from a variety of carefully crafted, proven plans – or work with a Cardinal Homes design consultant to design something completely unique. This full-service process, starting at an affordable price point, sets us apart and inspires our innovation.

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